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The world is changing and the advancement in technology is leveling up with each passing day. Remember when as kids we used to watch movies where the police used to wear fancy smart glasses that would allow them to draw all the information about a person? Well, guess what, new smart glasses have been introduced in China that perform this exact function.

First introduced to the police in Zhengzhou, the capital of China’s Henan province, these new smart glasses with AI on the front uses facial recognition to root out any potential criminals by tapping the live feed with the state’s database.

Facial recognition is not a new technology but over time we have seen this tech mold into perfection for instance in iPhone X, the FaceID has completely replaced the fingerprint scanning tech and gives almost perfect results each and every time.

How Smart Sunglasses Can Help Combat Crime in Pakistan:

Although Punjab Police has taken a lot of new steps in the last few years to go towards digitization they are still far behind in its proper execution and implementation. The police with the help of PITB has already created Criminal Record Management System (CRMS) which uses biometrics or the CNIC information to identify people holding a criminal record.

In the presence of an extensive database, what’s to stop the government from going furthermore to introduce the smart glasses to identify the criminals. With the help of facial recognition technology, the Police will be able to recognize any criminals on the loose within mere seconds.

Besides identifying criminals in person, images or videos taken from scenes of crime will instantly help these smart glasses to recognize who the suspects are. It is also to be noted that anyone using fake IDs, passports, or any fake identity will be caught at the spot.

According to the Chinese local media, this new technology has already facilitated the police in capturing seven individuals and it also identified 35 others who were using fake IDs.

The new smart sunglasses are built by Beijing-based LLVision Technology Co, reports the Wall Street Journal. The company’s chief executive Wu Fei told the publication that the sunglasses are controlled by a connected mobile unit and cost around 3,999 yuan, or $636 but the support for facial recognition will cost extra.

According to the company, while using the smart glasses they were able to recognize people from a pre-loaded database including 10,000 suspects in just 100 milliseconds. They also warned that the environmental noise can disrupt the accuracy of the technology.

The Punjab government previously introduced Hotel Eye software that keeps a record of every person entering the hotel premises. CRMS is also integrated with the Hotel Eye so guests of the hotel with a criminal record can be instantly recognized all over Punjab. Same is the case with the Tenant Registration System which keeps records of the tenants across the province.

Rather than simply focusing on the new uniforms and external looks of the Police force in Pakistan, its better for the tech companies to team up with government agencies to come up with ways to combat crime and terrorism and take preventive security measures for the public.

While several critics would argue that a database with information of national citizens provided to the police would be an invasion in privacy, it would also help with a better and secure country.

These new smart glasses are definitely a need in Pakistan, especially in the circumstances of today where terrorism and crime is inclining – but the Police is far behind on getting a hold on the ones behind these evil acts.

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