Are wearables easy to hack?

According to the latest research from Stevens Institute of Technology, your wearable device can leak your PINs and passwords to the hackers. The motion sensors in the wearable devices are vulnerable to hacking. The researchers have suggested not to store private data in the wearables.

“The motions of your hands as you use PIN pads, which is continually and automatically recorded by your device, can be hacked in real time and used to guess your PIN with more than 90 percent accuracy within a few attempts,” says the research.

The study also says that it does not matter for the cybercriminals to be nearby when a user enters their PIN into their wearable, rather the hackers can remotely access the data from anywhere.

Can wearable tech leak the passwords? Well, yes, they can. The experts warn that the wearable technology is less secure and it lacks encryption protocols.

How to avoid the risk of your wearable getting hacked?

One of the best things you can do to prevent the possibility of hack is to enter the passwords and other such information by using the hand of which you are not wearing the wearable. The researchers have confirmed that this technique can save you from the hackers.

Moreover, stop sharing the data of your smartwatch with your smartphone. You can turn off the sync service to disable the data sharing feature. It is possible that the second device is containing malware or any other kind of virus, which transfers to your smartwatch if you enable the sync option.

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The analysts say that the wearables are the future of the mobile devices and people will rely on the smartwatches for doing the things they enjoy doing on their smartphones. Therefore, the hackers will also find different ways of attacking the wearable gadgets.


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