Can’t buy PlayStation? No worries, Sony is bringing PS games on smartphones

Sony is bringing its PlayStation games to the smartphones

Many people love games including children and adults, but most of them play games on their smartphones because the gaming consoles are very high in price. Most of the people cannot afford Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox or Nintendo Wii. Sony knows it and that is why it is going to bring all of its PS games on smartphones.

According to the details, Japanese electronics company Sony is starting a new business with 10 million yen, namely ForwardWorks, which will bring PS games on smartphones running on Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. PS games are coming to smartphones next month.

Interestingly, Sony says it will also change the name of its video game company. From next month, Sony Computer Entertainment will be known as Sony Interactive Entertainment.

It is important to mention here that the Japanese company launched a game store called “PlayStation Mobile” last year, but shut it down soon.

Another Japanese company, Nintendo also announced a similar feature last month, but then declared “Nintendo has no plan to bring its games on smartphones”.

According to a source, Sony says its new company will be managed by Atsushi Morita, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Asia, and Welshman Andrew House, President of SCE, acting as Group CEO. The games will be initially available to the users in Asia only.send a notification to the user if Facebook detects a duplicate profile. The user will be allowed to review the impostor’s profile and report it as “duplicate” or “not duplicate.”

This whole process is fully automated. The feature was first tested in November, last year and the company is still trying to improve it further.

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