Car Butlers: A car-wash startup serving you at your doorstep

car Butlers

You might have heard about a new car wash startup in Lahore providing on demand service at your doorstep. Yes, I’m talking about Car Butlers – a startup that claims to give your car the royal treatment.

Obviously, the idea of Car Butlers is unique as this is the first known mobile service in Pakistan that gives your vehicle a complete wash at the doorstep. What we found interesting and what has attracted many towards Car Butlers was their influencer marketing campaign.

About three months ago, they started a campaign giving surprise car wash to influential personalities gathered at significant events. Their team silently appear before the event, list down which car belongs to which influential character and washes/polishes their cars. When they come back, the team gracefully welcome them with their polished vehicle and nudge them to share their feedback on Facebook.

This is undoubtedly an amazing way to market your service. Speaking with local media, the founder of Car Butlers, Abdul Wasay, said, “We believe that if you want to increase your sales, you need to increase the number of trials.”

“There are more than 1.4 million cars in Lahore only. To give them a free trial, we would need a lot of manpower. So, we thought of giving away our free service to people who are already an inspiration and influence to thousands in one way or the other. Obviously, their [social media posts] would be worth more,” Mr. Wasay explained.

The team of Car Butlers has served hundreds of customers in the past five months. A 60 percent increase in the sale has been witnessed just two weeks after the launch of their campaign.

Most of the customers of Car Butlers are busy people and lazy bums who do not want to waste their leisure time as time is a precious thing.

While searching for the Car Butlers services on the web, I came across with – a company providing on-site car servicing in Houston. To take you to the right place, we have shared the link of Car Butlers. Click here.

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  1. Car Steam Spa is also one of the good startup in Pakistan. We use steam technology for washing your cars and at your door step. We offer Car wash service in Lahore, Pakistan and are expanding our branches to other cities of the Pakistan.

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