Here Are the useful tips for car decoration this Independence Day

Though patriotism naturally runs in the blood of every Pakistani, over the years, the way of showing it in public on 14th August especially has become increasingly flamboyant.

And why not?? Independence Day is the time to celebrate what we have achieved and resolute about what we want to achieve. It’s the day to cherish the legacy of our forefathers.

To celebrate the day with a bang and let the world know how much we love our homeland, here are some cool ideas to show your patriotism this Independence Day if you own a car.

The Exterior of the Car

independence day car decoration
Car decorated in Pakistan colors theme.

Decorating the inside of your car is super creative, and it’s for the enjoyment of you and your passengers. It’s still fun to make the outside of your car fun too, but most probably it will need a proper expert available at car stickers shops.

Pin Things to the Car Fabric

pakistani badges
You can use these badges for multi purposes in car decoration. Can be used as rear-view mirror hanging or say pinning on the seats.

There’s usually a good amount of fabric in your car that you can use to pin things. You can take advantage of the fabric on your headrests, armrests, and even the thing bits on your doors!

You will find plenty of accessories for car decoration. Metal badges, Paper and Fabric small flags are a few examples.

Stick Stuff to Your Dashboard

car dashboard mat
Pakistani flag theme car dashboard mat

Your dashboard is a highly under-utilized, a large space in your car. It’s really just an empty surface area, so add some flavor to it on 14th August. You can place several things decorative things there. For example, Pakistani flag pads and a perfume bottle painted with the theme of independence day.

Rear-View Mirror Hangings

car hanging
Its a car hanging

There are plenty of things you can hang from your rear-view mirror without being obnoxious or obstructing your view. This is something in front of your eyes, so make it something that looks pleasant and beautiful. Here are some ideas;

  • Hang a small flag.
  • You can hang a tasbeeh colored green and white.
  • A medium size metal badge of Pakistani Flag.
  • Any inspirational quote of Quaid-e-Azam.

Other Areas

Every car is different, so take a look around inside your vehicle. Can you pin things to your _? Can you add stickers to the mirrors? Can you tie green and white ribbons to your headrest poles or the door handles? Can you put stickers on the paneling?

car decoration
Headrest pillow in Pakistani Flag cover

Think about getting steering wheel covers, gearshift knobs, and headrest cozies in green and white, or anything that is going with the day’s theme.

Where to Find Items

If you are confused where to find these items. Here are some options:

  • Any car decoration shop near your area.
  • Large Car decoration market like one at Montgomery road in Lahore.
independence day stall
You can find these types of stalls in abundance
  • You can also check out the temporary stalls selling items specific to 14th August at roadsides nowadays.
  • Search accessories online, like Sehgal Motors has ample items and they deliver across Pakistan.

Backseat Thoughts and Messages

Make the riding experience in your backseat for something more enjoyable. Usually one or both of your front seats will have a pocket on the back, and if not you can buy attachable pouches for them. Place Stickers, flags there.

You can also place a pen and a paper there, and ask your friends, relatives or a rider if you drive a car with Careem and Uber to write a few lines for the Independence Day. You can then share the stuff on social media to engage the public in something of value.

And what to do with these decoration materials after the 14th of August? Please, never throw such things in the garbage and on road, show some respect. You can save the material to be used next year, saving you money and dignity.

Celebrating independence day don’t give us the liberty to ignore traffic laws, always drive a car if you have a valid driving license, and take special care for the pedestrians on the road.

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