Did Careem copy Anil Kapoor’s movie scene for marketing?

Careem discount Sketch showing it copied Uber

The cab-hailing service Careem is very well known in the Pakistani market, all thanks to its hands-on digital marketing approach. But recently the UAE-based company went overboard with their creative juices and reenacted the major plot of Anil Kapoor’s cult classic film Nayak: The Real Hero.

Well if you’re way too cool to watch the old Hindi movies let me review it for you. Anil Kapoor, the unsung hero (or the Real Hero) is a journalist who was offered to take charge of the state by becoming a Chief Minister (CM) for a day. As expected the hero took care of the populace everyday problems.

Now since you’re all caught up, let’s review the Careem’s recent predicament. The company appoints Waseem Akram as an honorary CEO for one day. In just a span of 24 hours the new head of the management realizing the actual demands of the people gave them what they asked for, reduction in the company’s fares in Lahore and Karachi (because people in Islamabad and other parts of the country didn’t request the discounted price, :)).

In the beginning of April, Uber announced 20% discount on its fares in Lahore and Karachi. Following their lead, Careem has also slashed its fare on the GO cars in the same cities. It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together.

Though the marketing gimmick like always played well for Careem but their reasons were pretty transparent this time. It is understandable that the company in order to compete with Uber also wanted to give discounted prices

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