The Middle East-based cab-sharing company is back again with another innovative service. After introducing Bike hailing service in its ever-growing portfolio, the company has launched Careem Dabba service.

Intrigued? Well, you should be as it seems that the company is embracing our crazy ways of transportation after accepting rickshaws, motorbikes and now our very own carry dabba.

 What is Careem Dabba Service?

The new Careem Dabba service will include Bolan vans, which is a popular way people travel around the city in Abbottabad. Initially, the company will include 30 carry dabbas in its fleet where people can get a free ride to experience the new service.


As always, the company has introduced very economical prices for Careem Dabba service. Following are the fares set up by the company:

  • Base Price: Rs 30
  • Per Km Charges: Rs 18
  • Lowest possible fare: Rs 50

The company has also introduced a catchy tagline for its new service “Chalo Chalo, Dabba pa Chalo.

The company organized a large rally to commemorate the launch of Careem Dabba service in the city. It’s yet to be seen whether the new service will be available in any other cities too or we’ll miss out on all the fun.