Careem Pakistan has proposed a new online payment and investment system to the federal government. The online portal will be designed to handle the remittances sent by the overseas Pakistanis.

In a meeting held in Islamabad, Careem Pakistan CEO Junaid Iqbal discussed several options to facilitate overseas Pakistan. Moreover, he asks Zulfikar Bukhari, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development to regularize the trending online businesses in the country.

Careem Pakistan could launch an online investment system for overseas Pakistanis where they will be able to send remittances back home. The system will also provide them with an option to invest in different projects and products in Pakistan and get a market compatible rate of return.

Zulfi Bukhari persuaded Careem Pakistan to offer overseas Pakistanis discounts when they use popular ride-hailing service. He also admitted that there are many flaws regarding handling the online businesses in Pakistan on the government end.

The online market place has the potential in Pakistan for job creation and generation of revenue. Government vows to start regularizing online businesses. However, no legislation has been done till now. If e-laws are formulated, it will not only help the online businesses but will also secure citizens in the country.