Careem Pakistan slashes Fares for Faisalabad by 30%

Careem Pakistan Faisalabad

In Pakistan, the ride-hailing companies are fighting to get the majority of customers by luring them with better promotions and price discounts. After the reduction of prices in Lahore and Karachi, Careem Pakistan is offering 30 percent discount on its services in Faisalabad.

the company made this announcement in a Facebook post and didn’t make it clear whether this offer is valid for the Go cars or extends to Business class as well.

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Previously the company launched a mega marketing campaign to reveal its discounted prices in Lahore and Karachi, following Uber Pakistan which lowered its fare to tempt more customers.

Former Pakistani cricketer and left-arm fast bowler Wasim Akram was announced as Careem’s new honorary CEO who announced a 25% price cut in Lahore and 20% in Karachi which were only applicable to GO cars.

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Careem has been expanding its operations this year with the launch of its services in various cities across Pakistan. The company has come under much criticism recently after it launched its Rishta Aunty service that made people question whether the company has gone too far in its marketing gimmicks.

This week the communications lapse between Pizza Hut and Careem created an awkward situation where the UAE based cab hailing company announced a 20% off on the menu of the chain restaurant while the former rebuffed the claims and threatened with a lawsuit on Facebook.

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