Case filed against purchase of Electronic Voting Machines from India

Illegal purchasing of Electronic Voting Machines case

A case has been filed in Lahore High Court against the purchase of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) from India. The applicant Muneer Ahmed filed an application in LHC and took the stand that the Election Commission of Pakistan has decided to start the process of upcoming elections through the means of Electronic Voting Machines and for this purpose, the commission is going against the rules by purchasing EVMs from India.

The application stated that it is very easy to hack the EVMs and get access to the sensitive data. Since the voting process is very sensitive matter and if electronic machines were used in election process they might leak data to the country of their origin. According to the applicant, Indian companies including Indra Kamra, Reliance and Morpho were in the bidding process.

 Special courts needed to deal with issues of overseas Pakistanis.

Electronic voting is a method of voting using electronic means to assist the people in casting their votes easily. It also helps the authority in counting the votes quickly. Electronic Voting Machine uses a number of electronic technologies to operate and these technologies may include the Internet services. These machines save the time and are very user-friendly.

Just recently, National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) announced that the Pakistanis living abroad will also be able to cast their vote easily via the electronic system.

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