Want your Cat to love you? Use KFC fried chicken like the Australians do

KFC is used to lure cats

It is now a proven fact that humans aren’t the only one with the fast food cravings, sometimes cats need some food love too. Australia is now using this information and their love for KFC fried chicken to solve its new kitty problem, where the country is ruled by feral cats (not literally of course).

According to a new research report, feral cats cover 99.8% of Australia at a density of one cat for every four square kilometers. And this issue is being dealt by Parks Victoria with the help of good old KFC fried chicken.

The staff managing the national parks in the Australian state of Victoria has been using KFC’s fried chicken to lure the feral animals. Because of the country’s Freedom of Information (FOI) law, it was revealed by the press that $260 was spent by staff in seven visits to one KFC store over a four-month period. The data was obtained as a result of FOI request for credit card statements of Parks Victoria, a government agency that employs around 1200 staff for taking care of national parks and marine sanctuaries.

A senior staff member while talking to The Guardian said:

KFC is widely known to be the most effective bait for luring feral cats

Dr. Alan Robley, a senior scientist with the Arthur Rylah Institute for environmental research in Victoria has confirmed fried chicken was used to lure feral cats into cage traps during research projects and management programs undertaken by Parks Victoria saying:

Fried chicken is included in the national guidelines for trapping feral cats and is used due to its scent and prolonged freshness

The feral cats cover more Australian land than internet access does with more than 6 million animals throughout the country. The latest baiting program sure does sound crazy but is very effective in trapping those cute little fur balls, who are too sneaky to get caught. So, if you’re still looking for a way for your cat to love you and come rushing to you? Try using KFC fried chicken as the Australians do (after making sure there are no health problems of course).

Till then enjoy this cat munching on KFC

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