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Pakistan Citizen Portal

How to Lodge a Complaint with Pakistan Citizen’s Portal?

Pakistan Citizens portal is a digital platform where anyone can lodge a complaint against any government department. Here's a complete guide on how to do so
Instagram Security Features

How to Use the Three New Security Features of Instagram

Social media network has enhanced Instagram security by launching three new cool features. Here are all the details and how to use
Whatsapp Group Call

Whatsapp Launches Group Call Feature, Here Is How to Use It

WhatsApp Group Call feature is here, Here How you can initiate voice and video calls between a group of up to four people.
Facebook live

How to Host Facebook Live Q/A Session With Your Fans

If you are still thinking to strengthen the bond with your fans with the help of Facebook Live you can initiate a good Q/A session. This guide will help you.

How to Use Gmail Confidential Mode and Smart Compose

If you have opted to try out the new Gmail, then you will receive two new amazing features Smart Compose and Confidentiality Mode. Here's what they do.
Factory reset your Android phone

Factory reset your Android phone the easiest way in few mins

Here are few ways to ensure that your data remains safe after you factory reset your android phones. We will highlight multiple factors that you ignore about your device that could only be resolved through factory rest.
Secure android phone

How To Secure Android Phone by Enabling All Built-in Security Settings

Your Android smartphone is the most used entity today since it stores almost every possible information about your life. That is why it is the most vulnerable asset you have today. We will try to learn ho how secure android phone through this tutorial.
jcash Mobile Wallet

JS Bank’s JCash: Step By Step Guide of Money Remittance To Pakistan

JCash can let you send remittance with much ease now. Bank’s branchless banking arm has introduced this home remittance mobile account
delete sent whatsapp messages

How to Delete Sent WhatsApp Messages that are Several Days Old

Do you want to delete sent WhatsApp messages that are a few days old? Check out this tutorial to see how you can do that in 4 easy steps.
iphone X virtual home button

How to Add Virtual Home Button on iPhone X

Miss the home button on your iPhone X? Well, you don't have to remain in despair anymore as you can enable virtual home button on the device.
Huawei P10 Rear Camera 3D photos

Huawei P10 camera can take 3D photos, check out how!

You can take 3D Photos with your Huawei P10 phone and even there is no need to have the 'plus' version. Huawei has pushed a software update for this feature
iPhone X Tutorial home button

How to use iPhone X with No Home Button

Don't know how to use your iPhone X without a home button? Don't worry as here's how you can learn to accomplish all the tasks without any hassle.