CBD-1000 can detect suicide bombers in less than 2 seconds


Although after the Operation Zarb-e-Azb, we have seen a noticeable decrease in the terrorism in Pakistan and also we are not hearing the frightening news of bomb blasts, there is a strong need to upgrade the security of the nation with the modern technologies so that we could fight with the enemies of our country.

We need to enhance the security systems especially in our schools, colleges, and universities. Currently, our security officials install cameras, walk-through gates, and barbed wire doors to protect our educational institutes, but no way could help us detect the terrorists automatically.

To enhance the security systems, a new device is being developed in the United States, which our Government should also consider purchasing for our country.

The device, namely CBD-1000 can recognize the materials like glass, ball bearings and nails that are hidden anywhere in the body in less than 2 seconds. The scanning system in this device shoots out radar waves to identify the things.

According to the details, R3 Technologies united with experts at Sandia national laboratories in the US to invent the machine that could detect suicide bombers before they blow themselves away.

The device will help police officers to arrest the bombers before they reach their target.

Presently, it is necessary for the person to be still when being scanned by CBD-1000 device, but the scientists are working on it to enable it in detecting the materials carried by a moving individual. In future, the device will be able to search any person from 100 feet away. Currently, it is capable of scanning from 9 feet.

A scientist at Sandia National Laboratories told the Engadget that the device is capable of detecting nonmetals as well.

If everything goes as expected, the company has the plan to present the CBD-1000 device this year. The planned price of CBD-1000 is $50,000 only.

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