CCleaner hacking

The recent malware outbreak concerning the Windows utility CCleaner is actually much worse than it originally appeared. According to the recently unearthed evidence, researchers believe that the attack was more sophisticated and targeted than it originally appeared to be.

The attackers were going after the major tech companies and were able to install the second piece of malicious software on computers of the major tech giants around the world. The attack was a targeted espionage attempt to gain access to the networks of at 18 tech firms, reports Wired.

According to Talos threat intelligence team, a group of cybersecurity experts at Cisco, the CCleaner attackers targeted companies included Intel, Google, Microsoft, Akamai, Samsung, Sony, VMware, HTC, Linksys, D-Link and also Cisco. Several other domains also included a German slot machine company and major telecoms in Singapore and the United Kingdom.

This news creates the hacking attack a serious event as the most of the bigwigs on the list are the companies that help millions of users around to the world to stay connected to the Internet.

Avast and Talo’s Research Group have highlighted their progress in recent blog posts.┬áResearchers estimate that only 700,000 computers were exposed by the attack instead of the previous estimate of 2.2 million.


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