Nayatel, Bahria Town and PTCL

Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has issued a notice in favor of Nayatel, in a case against Bahria Town. The real estate company refused its residents any other CIT service other than PTCL, thus forcing people to use their broadband services.

CCP’s decision holds Bahria Town to have abused its power, and a fine of PKR 2 million has been imposed on it as well. The decision also states that Bahria Town and Nayatel shall appoint a surveyor who will verify whether there is enough space, including in footpaths tp lay down new CIT infrastructure. The surveyor will submit its report with the office of Registrar of the Commission.

If the report by the surveyor finds that there is enough space to lay down CIT infrastructure/networks, Bahria Town has to issue NOC to Nayatel, the CCP’s decision states. Also, Bahria Town is said to provide ROW on reasonable, fair and competitive terms and price to lay down CIT infrastructure.

With this decision, PTCL’s monopoly in providing CIT services would be over. Bahria Town due to an agreement with PTCL, the telecom company whose internet service rarely works, misused its powers and didn’t allow its residents to choose from other services to see which one suits them better. Alas, such practices are common in Pakistan where a housing society lays down the rules over which company can and cannot provide its services to the people of that society.

Last year, a show cause notice was issued to Bahria Town for abusing its dominant position by not allowing Nayatel to provide cable, internet, and telephony (CIT) services in phase 1-6 of Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.

The show cause notice was issued after the inquiry based on the email complaint of the resident of Bahria Town found the housing society in violation of Section 3 of the Competition Act, 2010,i.e. it was abusing its dominant position.


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