This Cell Phone can Make Calls without any Battery

For years, scientists have been on a quest to find better performing batteries for our electronic devices but the researchers at the University of Washington have changed the equation for everyone by making a first cellular call from a battery free phone.

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They have designed a prototype phone from various off-the-shelf components. It is run by a combination of wireless power and tiny solar chargers,

Currently, the battery free phone can only send and receive voice signals and drive a pair of headphones, apart from that there aren’t many functions that it can perform at the moment.

In case you are connecting a call using this device, you will need to push a button to talk. It relies on a nearby base station that can provide operational power and can relay its signal to the cellular network which in this case is none other than Skype.

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This innovative battery free phone uses backscatter to generate its own signals. This technique is quite common in RFID chips which help to encode the radio signals with new information that it can further transmit to the receiver.

Undoubtedly, it is a revolutionary technology as using this tech we can avoid the Galaxy Note 7 burning batteries saga in the future. One of its key innovations is that it uses analog rather than digital voice encoding, which according to the researchers saves a substantial amount of power.

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For now, it neither has a screen nor memory so don’t go dreaming about playing Candy Crush or catching Pokemon just yet but in the future, we might nit have to worry about our dying batteries

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