CEO of Airlink Moazzam Paracha lost life in Lahore Defence Blast

In a very sad development, CEO Airlink, Moazzam Paracha has lost his life in Lahore Defence blast today. He was present at the under-construction building, targeted in the recent blast. He sustained serious injury and was taken to the General Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.

As per reports, the blast has killed 7 and injured 37. This incident is a sad thing for the whole telecom industry as Mr. Paracha always had a good standing in the market. He was regarded as a highly disciplined person among his industry fellows.

Moazzam Paracha was a major force in driving Airlink to its current leading position in the market. His tragic demise is a major loss for the complete industry.

According to reports, Mr. Parach was going to start yet another venture and enter into the food industry by starting a restaurant in Defence Z-block market. At the time of the blast, he was present at the under-construction building to view the location of the same restaurant.

Airlink is the leading distributor of Huawei and Samsung. Their journey in the telecom industry began with the distribution of PTCL devices. Later on, they moved on to distribute Huawei’s products followed by Samsung’s. Moazzam Paracha’s ventures weren’t limited to telecom industry as he was also involved in travel tourism.

More feels deep sorrow at such a great loss. We are not quite sure how long the terrorist activities will last in our country. Since last week Pakistani citizens have been paying the price of terrorism in blood. It is not yet confirmed whether the incident was a terrorist attack or there was some other reason behind the blast.

The recent Lahore blast’s responsibility was accepted by Jamaat Ul Ahrar, a splinter group of TTIP. It was revealed later on that IP addresses behind the website is coming from Indian City Chennai, pointing to Indian involvement in the incident.

We urge the government and security agencies to move towards effective measures to eradicate this evil once and for all. we also ask our fellow Pakistanis for cooperating in fighting this brand of injustice and cruelty.

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