Changhong Ruba SDC-18CW 1.5TON DC Inverter AC

Summer is finally upon us when it is too hot to just rely on our ceiling fan and we need a little extra to keep ourselves cool in our rooms. Anyone who lives through the summer season knows the importance of owning a reliable air conditioner as it is not an item you can purchase every year so one needs to think long and hard about selecting the right AC unit for their place. Let us help you in making the right choice by spilling all the secrets of Changhong Ruba SDC-18CW DC Inverter AC, one of the desirable products of the season.

Changhong Ruba Inverter AC compressor

The air conditioner comes in only White color and offers turbo cooling and auto start support. It is a cool only device meaning and its compressor has high EER performance, provides quick heating as well as quick freezing, high efficiency, and can save energy which is the main concern of many users especially due to high consumption of electricity in the summers. The compressor also features less vibration and more stability.

Inverter AC anti corrosion protection

Changhong Ruba SDC-18CW DC Inverter AC has large external machine design which is equipped with five layers of anti-corrosion protection which include an inner coating, external hot-dip galvanizing tier plate, plank, internal hot-dip galvanizing bar and lastly an inner coating. The outer body is also protected against corrosion which means you will not have to worry about keeping the outside unit safe from rain and sunshine, making it a more durable choice. Both the evaporator and condenser use gold hydrophilic aluminum foil fins which compared to the traditional aluminum fins are resistant to corrosion and can thus provide longer service and save more energy.

Changhong Ruba Inverter AC copper tube

The company has used 100% pure copper tube in the air conditioner which can protect it from corrosion, high temperature, and high pressure. To prevent the dust from entering the air conditioner, they have also used a high-density flat net which can reduce the damage to the human body by unclean air while at the same time increase the operational life of the air conditioner. It is also quite easy to dismantle so you will not have to waste a lot of time taking it out for a wash.

Changhong Ruba SDC 18CW DC Inverter AC features

Like other DC inverter AC units by Changhong Ruba, this product also comes with an auto-clean feature where after opening the function, the evaporator will frost quickly, and then the air conditioner will heat up rapidly. Consequently, all dust will be removed by melted water. Thus, it can effectively remove dirt and bacteria of the evaporator and therefore, can help save money that otherwise would’ve been spent on cleaning the air conditioner.

Changhong Ruba SDC 18CW DC Inverter AC features a

Changhong Ruba SDC-18CW DC Inverter AC has longer air throw and according to the company can help save up to 65% of energy which will also make an impact on the overall environment as a whole. The air conditioner also provides a wide voltage range (150V to 260V) and can work up to 50 degrees Celsius, meaning that it can effectively work in the hottest weather in Pakistan without any issues.

Changhong Ruba Inverter AC hidden led display

Overall, of Changhong Ruba SDC-18CW DC Inverter AC has an eye-catching aesthetic and showcases a hidden LED display on the surface which helps to enhance the overall beauty of the AC unit. If you are looking to make a sensible consumption decision, you definitely cannot do wrong by choosing this device which has the beauty and the right hardware to make your hot summer a little more bearable.

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