Changhong Ruba SDH-18SW Heat & Cool Inverter AC

It is that time of the year again when the summer heat is pushing us to scour the markets to find the best possible AC unit that can help us survive this year’s season as well as many more to come. With the continuous launch of new air conditioners for the consumers, it becomes hard to decide on a single unit. To help with the selection, we are going to break down the features of one of the most enticing new products from Changhong Ruba’s DC Inverter AC collection, the SDH-18SW Heat & Cool Inverter AC.

The company takes great pride in creating a high-efficiency AC unit whose usage is not limited to only summers but can also be utilized to keep you warm in the winters. It only comes in white color and features Turbo cooling and heating, and Auto restart options.

Changhong Ruba SDH 18SW Eco Friendly Material

Changhong Ruba SDH-18SW Heat & Cool Inverter AC is made up of eco-friendly material so you won’t have to worry about hurting the environment when you’ll make the purchase. The material hardness is also high which means it is resistant to plastic deformation caused by bending, scratching, abrasion, or cutting. It is said to be better impact-resistant than traditional PS material.

Changhong Ruba SDH 18SW compressor

The AC also comes with a high-quality compressor which can provide quick heating as well as quick freezing to fulfill the needs of the user. It is high in efficiency and can help save energy which will eventually be reflected in the total electricity bill. The compressor also causes less vibration and provides more stability.

Changhong Ruba SDH 18SW voltage

One of the interesting things about Changhong Ruba SDH-18SW Heat & Cool Inverter AC is that it is easy to use even if the voltage is too high or too low, a problem we often face especially in the ongoing energy crises in Pakistan. According to the company, the AC can match almost all kinds of worst conditions and can easily operate within 145~265V of voltage fluctuation. In their laboratory test, it proved its resistance to the impact of abnormal power supply including high voltage, frequent power outage, etc.

Golden Aluminium Foil fin

The evaporator and condenser both use gold hydrophilic aluminum foil fins as in contrast to the traditional aluminum fins have a corrosion-resistant coating, have a longer life span and can help save more energy. Changhong Ruba had also used Ppk16 x 16h12 high-density flat net for the filter that can more effectively prevent dust particles from entering the air conditioner which will firstly help reduce any damage to the human body and secondly can extend the useful life of the AC. It is easy to disassemble and wash and can also protect the health of the users who are using the service of Changhong Ruba SDH-18SW Heat & Cool Inverter AC. The appliance also features a non-equidistant fan which comes with sound source scattering, less resonance, and low frequency which can reduce the noise produced by the air conditioner. It uses 100% pure copper tube which is resistant to corrosion, high temperature, and high pressure.

Changhong Ruba SDH 18SW anti corrosion protection

Moreover, the external machine has five layers of anti-corrosion protection while the outside body is also resistant to corrosion so you will not have to worry about protecting it from rain and sunshine. It also comes with an auto-clean function whose function is to remove the dirt and bacteria of evaporator that can save the cost of cleaning the AC.

Changhong Ruba SDH 18SW Eco Power saving mode

Another impressive feature of Changhong Ruba SDH-18SW Heat & Cool Inverter AC is the ECO power-saving mode which can reduce energy consumption by approximately 60% without compromising the cooling experience. It has multiple wind speed control options including strong, high, medium, low, and mute so you can select the overall speed of wind coming from the air conditioner.

Changhong Ruba SDH 18SW hidden led display

For those, who had to use their smartphone’s flashlight or turn on the lights of the room at night to operate the remote of the AC, the company has introduced a luminous remote control button that glows in the dark. The AC unit is also more aesthetically pleasing as it can hide the LED display present on top of the surface. Changhong Ruba SDH-18SW Heat & Cool Inverter AC is also dry and mildew proof and can prove to be a worthy addition to your home.

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