How to charge your smartphone battery to prolong its lifespan

smartphone battery

The most annoying thing about smartphone batteries is that they hardly last a day. But most of the time it is user’s mistake because he/she has been charging the phone wrong the whole time. If you want your smartphone battery to stay charged for the whole day without worrying about battery life, here are the things you need to change.

Do not keep your phone plugged in when 100% charged

Leaving your mobile phone plugged-in when it is hundred percent charged negatively impacts its battery in the long run. Once the mobile is 100 percent charge, it gets ‘trickle charges’ to keep it at hundred while plugged in. It keeps the battery in a high tension state which spoils its working. Once the phone is fully charged, remove it from the power-plug. It is more like letting the muscles relax after the workout.

Try not to charge it 100pc

Most smartphones support Li-ion batteries that do not need to be fully charged. It is better not to charge your mobile phone up to 100 percent because a high voltage stresses the battery. If you want to keep your phone charged for the whole day, just plug in anytime during the day, and it will be okay.

Charge your phone occasionally

It is good for your smartphone battery that you charge it occasionally throughout the day instead of putting it on charging for a long session after it is empty. Try to charge your phone after it loses 10 percent, but though this is not possible every time, so just plug in whenever you can.

Keep your battery cool

Smartphone batteries are very sensitive to heat. If you notice that your smartphone is heat-up when you charge it, remove its case first. If you are out in hot weather, keep your phone covered. It will keep your smartphone battery healthy and enhance its lifespan.

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