Charging smartphone battery via PC causes security vulnerability: Experts

Smartphone Battery charging via PC

When our smartphone battery is about to end, we want to charge it immediately, and for this purpose, we think that the easiest solution is to connect the device to our computer via a USB cable. But, the experts have warned that charging a phone via computer is a very insecure method.

According to Kaspersky Labs, an international software security group based in Russia, if you charge your smartphone battery by connecting it to a PC or Laptop, you are inviting the hackers to install unnecessary software into your device.

The smartphone always provides the basic information about itself to the computer. Apparently, this information is very small, but it is enough for the hackers to get unauthorized access to the device. The company tested a number of smartphones using different versions of Android and iOS to experiment what kind of information is exchanged while connecting a smartphone to a Mac, Laptop or PC.

The company revealed that when a smartphone is connected to the PC, both the devices exchange a lot of important information. This information includes the name of the smartphone manufacturer, model number, type of the device, serial number, firmware details, information about the operating system, file system, and electronic chip ID.

The company was able to successfully install a malware application into a PC-connected smartphone without sending any notification to the device. The experts also said that it is very dangerous to charge a smartphone on a public computer.

If the computer is connected to the internet, the chances of the vulnerability are higher. The company said that if a smartphone is permitted to connect as a media device, the chances of the hacking are even greater.

If you don’t want to be hacked, always charge your smartphone with a charger. It is also recommended to install at least one anti-virus app into the device.

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