ChatSim SIM card lets you chat from anywhere in the world


ChatSim SIM is a new revolutionary SIM card, which makes it easier for the people to chat from anywhere in the world without worrying about the coverage of the network. This SIM card works in more than 150 countries including Pakistan.

The idea behind the creation of ChatSim is to keep people connected with their loved ones while they are traveling. This SIM card works on almost all popular instant messaging apps.

How does ChatSim work?

The working of the ChatSim SIM is similar to that of a roaming SIM card, a roaming SIM card is compatible with more than one network. The company claims that ChatSim is 90% more efficient than an ordinary roaming SIM card.

ChatSim filters out all the internet traffic that is coming from other than instant messaging apps. It connects to the best network provider i.e 3G or 4G.

Which apps are supported?

ChatSim is compatible with LINE, IMO, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, BBM, QQ, Hike, and Kakao Talk.

You can send instant messages, photos, videos, emojis, use voice call and video call features.

What is the price of ChatSim Unlimited?

The price is €10  for 2000 Credits, which allows you to send up to 200 photos or 40 videos. It also gives you 80 minutes calls, €25 for 5000 Credits (up to 500 photos or 100 videos or 200 minutes calls), €50 for 10000 Credits (up to 1000 photos or 200 videos 0r 400 minutes calls).

Who developed ChatSim?

ChatSim is developed by Manuel Zanella, founder, and CEO of ZeroMobile, a mobile network for low-cost roaming. It works in more than 140 countries.

  1. WhatSim has evolved and it is now called ChatSim. You can use ChatSim with many apps, and not only with WhatsApp. The apps that you can use are: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, BBM, Line, Kik, Hike, Kakao, and QQi.

    Our new product, ChatSim World has a wider coverage. It covers 150 countries and can connect to more than 400 networks. ChatSim World also woks with 4G technology and has a sophisticated firewall that can block unwanted data traffic up to 90%.

    Enter PROMO CODE during activation process: CAMZZASS and get 1000 free credit!

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