Travel from Lahore to Islamabad on bus the cheapest way

QConnect Bus services have launched an amazing offer in collaboration with Now, One can travel to the capital city in as low as Rs. 99. Yes, it’s not a typo mistake and you don’t need your reading glasses.

QConnect is introducing variable bus fare from Lahore to Islamabad just like in airlines where anyone can buy a ticket at Rs. 99. The prices will rose gradually like after Rs. 99 they will offer you a ticket lets say of Rs. 300 until the discounted seats get booked and you left with their regular fare of Rs. 1500.

The secret to buying an inexpensive, discounted ticket is to book your seat and purchase the ticket before others.

The features of QConnect buses include

  • Only 21 seats on board. Each seat is a 24-inch Club Class luxe design with calf support
  • Personal 19-inch entertainment console, for every seat.
  • WiFi.
  • With satellite TV on-the-go.
  • Plug-in power for your Smartphone, tablet, and laptop.
  • Play your favorite video games.
  • Hot meal service. (Chinese, Fast food, Thai, and Pakistani)
  • Hot and cold beverage service. (Yes, you can have a tea or coffee)
  • Restroom on board and save precious time.

All these facilities subject to the company’s terms and conditions. One of the major advantages of the bus is the washroom-on-bus. So now there’s no need to stop at Behra and use the motorway restroom.

How to book a Ticket

Has the QConnect with tickled your emotions? Here’s how you can book a discounted bus fare from Lahore to Islamabad and travel with joy.

  1. Go to the website or app
  2. Select QConnect from Transport tab.
  3. Choose your desirable time and date.
  4. They will show the discounted prices if available.
  5. Select the number of seats you require.
  6. Confirm your information and pay with credit/debit card, Easypaisa Shop or mobile account

Bus Terminals

  • In Lahore, the bus departs from Fortress stadium, in front of Square Mall.
  • In Islamabad, one can find their bus at Peshawar Mor.

There is no other option as cheapest as this available in the market. Royal Express had a venture of providing customers with tickets of Rs. 1 on the same route but it failed miserably due to their poor performance and sub-standard buses.

We hope that QConnect gets successful in this idea of providing discounted bus fare from Lahore to Islamabad and customers can enjoy this low-cost travel without compromising the comfort.

This all lies in the future, and we will provide you with our own feedback by looking into the service when it gets launched. The service is going to start from 8th of August.

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