cheating watch in pakistan

If you haven’t heard yet, the Cheating Watch is here to play havoc with our already less developed education sector. Who doesn’ know that over 50% of our students rely on Rote learning and the irony of the fact is that educational institutions keep encouraging such education due to their own weaknesses.

Basically, the device is just a smart watch that most of the manufacturers are selling across the world for various purposes but the opportunists have found a way to make more money by calling them ‘Cheating Watches’.

This Cheating Watch that is widely available now can not be caught by our below standard invigilators who have no modern knowledge of technology. Although, they are teachers themselves, however, they don’t try or even like to upgrade themselves.

There are reports from various parts of Pakistan that students are using this Cheating Watch during on-going exams. One such report has been run by Samaa lately.

Interestingly this gadget looks nothing more than a simple watch and gives an impression that the person/student carrying is using for managing his/her time during the examination. In fact, the screen of the watch is bigger enough to show on screen what the student has stored in its memory.

cheating watch during exams
Screenshot from an advert of Cheating Watch

The blind authorities who are working day and night tirelessly for the spread of technology in Pakistan, haven’t paid attention to the issue that such a horrible thing, even dangerous than a weapon, is easily available on the e-commerce stores in the country.

Even scariest is the fact that the manufacturers are selling this Cheating Watch with a promise of a success in the examination. I don’t know what our watchdogs have to say here who keep banning the fan pages and websites on social media.

The advert of the Cheating Watch says, “Students, now you don’t need to study. Just wear this watch, and record all the data of your textbook in it, use it in the exam, pass the exam!”

Another advertiser says, “Don’t work hard, work smart.”

cheating watch for easy study

The so-called Cheating Watch can hold the data up to 8GB. The lite version supports 4GB memory. The watch works like a regular watch and shows only the time. But, there is a button, which the student can press to show the hidden files that the student stored in it.

When the watch is in normal mode, it is almost impossible for anyone to think that it is a cheating device. It does not show the files stored in it unless you press a particular combination of keys.

Cheating Watch is openly available in Pakistani online stores – no one to stop!

These watches are available in the price range of US $55 to the US $70. In Pakistani rupee, this is about Rs. 5800 to Rs. 7400.

On some online stores in Pakistan, these watches are available for the price of just Rs. 2000.

The “Cheating Watches” also offer video player, audio player, sound recorder, image viewer, FM radio, Calendar, and auto-scrolling text support.

Contrary to what happens in Pakistan, other countries don’t take such actions lightly. In the UK, the staff in the schools, universities, and the colleges is aware of this new kind of cheating devices; that is why the teachers always check the watches that the students are wearing before letting them into the classroom.

Not only watches are available for the purpose of cheating, but there are also some pens and earphones available in the market that allows the student to cheat in the exam.

These “Cheating Pens” capture an image of the question paper and sends it via Bluetooth to the student’s friend. The friend sends the answer via the earphone.

Recently, more than 3000 students in Thailand were forced for a resit exam after the authorities caught three students red-handed while using digital cheating devices for passing the exam. The three students were banned from sitting in the university again, the Bangkok post reported.

In Pakistan, where the unemployment rate is very high, a student can cross all the limits to pass an exam. Despite the cybercrime laws, there is no one that is stopping the sale of this new kind of gadgets available in the market.

Recently, almost all of the five cellular companies operating in Pakistan launched their Smart Watches, but these watches are just for the security of the students, and they do not feature any hidden or mysterious function.

On the other hand, using any kind of electronic or digital device including smartphone, mobile phone, computer, Laptop is prohibited in the educational institutions of Pakistan. Only a simple calculator is allowed. But, we can see that the students not only carry their smartphones to the schools but also openly use them during the class.

Parents think that the smartphone is very important for their child because it keeps their child connected to the internet and helps him/her in education. But they are unaware that their child uses the phone for using Facebook and watching the videos in the classroom. It is an alarming situation for all the educational institutions and the parents of the children as well.



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