Check out these Four entry-level feature phones with Wireless FM Radio

Feature Phones

Listening to the music is one of the growing habits of teens these days. Although you can download your favourite music from the internet at any time, most of the people still prefer the classic style of listening to the music. They like to listen to the songs on FM radio stations.

There are many reasons for listening FM radio. Some people listen FM to increase their knowledge, some listen because their phone is very entry level and it does not support MicroSD to keep the music files. There are many mobile phones which offer FM radio feature, but most of them require the user to plug in an earphone to enjoy FM.

Unfortunately, there are only a few mobile phones which support wireless FM radio technology. QMobile has recently introduced two new feature phones under the brand name Maxx Mobile. The two phones, namely Turbo T1 and Turbo T2 offer wireless FM radio option. Below we have discussed four more such phones, check them out and let us know which one is your favourite by hitting the comment section below!

Ophone O1

Ophone, an emerging mobile phone company in Pakistan offers a very entry level feature phone, called O1. The phone offers wireless FM radio experience. It also supports MicroSD card of up to 8GB only. The size of its TFT screen is 1.8 inch and it comes in White, Blue, and Orange colors.  Ophone O1 is fine if you want to use it for just basic text messaging or short calls because its battery is just 1050mAh. Unfortunately, the phone is priced at Rs.1550 while you can get a better quality feature phone for the same price.

QMobile G200

QMobile G200 is a very cheap phone with fewer features for the people who cannot afford costly feature phones. The phone offers built-in wireless FM radio as a basic entertainment service. It is a dual SIM mobile phone with QMobile’s own long lasting battery. It has a QCIF screen of 2.0 inch. You can also share files using its built-in Bluetooth system. There is a MicroSD slot which supports memory up to 8GB. The price of this phone is 1,550 only.

Voice Xtra V440 W-FM

Voice mobile Xtra V440 W-FM is a cheap mobile phone with miraculous features. With the name of this phone, you can see that the phone is specially designed for the purpose of Wireless FM experience. Not only this, V440 also allows you to record anything directly from the radio with its built-in FM recorder. The display size of V440 is 2.4-inches with 240X320 pixels resolution, which is acceptable for a basic feature phone.

The dual-SIM phone offers up to 32GB of MicroSD support, you can also store up to 200 text messages in its SMS memory. There is a digital VGA camera so you can take some pictures. Other features include call recorder, power saver, and World clock. Voice Xtra V440 W-FM offers all these features just for the price of Rs.1750 with the warranty of United Mobile.

Calme C789

Calme is offering C789, which is one of the most entry-level mobile phones in Pakistan. The phone offers 1.8 inch QLIF display, fueled by 1000mAh battery, which the company claims lasts for up to 25 days in standby mode. There is no support for MicroSD, however, you can enjoy FM radio without the need of connecting an earphone to this device. Calme C789 is available for the price of Rs.1,500 only.


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