Check your internet speed by using this new app

how to test Internet Speed

Now you can test your internet speed without opening a web browser. Ookla has now launched dedicated software for Windows 10 and MacOS and the users can now check their internet speed with these apps, which are very lightweight.

The apps come with the speedometer icon inside the menu options that let you test the speed and you get a notification when the test is completed. Earlier, the company released the test version of the app and now it has officially introduced it.

Using this kind of apps help the people who like to test their web speed on a daily basis or after every few hours. Before the launch of these apps, people had to go to the web browser and visit the online speed testing websites to check the speeds but now, they can test from these apps, which are very easy to use.

These apps work by sending a sample file from the servers to your computer to calculate the speed of the downloading and streaming. It identifies how fast your system can pull the data from the servers and how fast the data can be downloaded by the ISP provider you are using.

The apps are developed by the Ookla, which is used by the ISPs, governments, and enterprises all around the world. It is one of the largest internet speed testing services and it also has a website They have also created speed testing apps for Android, iOS. Apple TV, Chrome and more platforms.

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