eRozgar program Punjab

The Youth Internship Program, which was started on the instructions of the chief minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif had become unsuccessful just after two years. The provincial government has since ended it.

As a replacement program for the youngsters, the provincial ministry of youth affairs has decided to start the chief minister’s eRozgar Training program. Through this program, ten thousand young individuals will be trained to earn money by working online from home using the internet.

For the eRozgar program, fifty crore rupees are allocated in the current budget. Initially, ten thousand youngsters will be trained in just six months while five thousand rupees will granted each month to them.

The training will be performed in different universities, colleges, and school labs. The training will be given in the following fields:

  • Email writing.
  • Content writing
  • Data entry.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Customer services.
  • Web designing.
  • PHP development.
  • Online business skills.

Moreover, co-working labs will be set up in 36 districts of the province. The youngsters who want to participate in the eRozgar program will be able to get registered through the online portal.

It’s a significant step by the Government of the Punjab for starting such a scheme for the young generation of Pakistan.

The program will provide the employment opportunities to the individuals. A lot of students start to doing a part-time job during their studies. Some students fail to get any job because of the lack of the skills. The eRozgar program will help such students to get some skills for the practical life, all they have to to do is apply for their desired course for the training program.


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