China to replace Wikipedia with its own online encyclopedia

china to replace wikipedia with their own encyclopedia

Wikipedia, the world’s largest free internet encyclopedia is about to face some real tough challenge as China, the second-largest economy in the world is going to make its own encyclopedia available online.

The internet version of Chinese national encyclopedia will go online in 2018. The central government of China reportedly is employing more than 20,000 authors from universities and research institutes to contribute to articles in more than 100 disciplines.

The encyclopedia is said to have more than 300,000 entries, where each will be around 1000 words long. It would be twice as large as Encyclopedia Britannica but would remain the same size as the Chinese version of Wikipedia.

This project was actually approved by the authorities in 2011 but actual work has been started quite recently. Yang Muzhi, editor-in-chief of the project in a Chinese news article at the end of 2016 revealed that the goal is not to catch up with Wikipedia but to overtake it.

“The readers regarded it to be authoritative, accurate, and it branded itself as a ‘free encyclopedia that anyone can edit,’ which is quite bewitching. But we have the biggest, most high-quality author team in the world. Our goal is not to catch up, but overtake.”

The oncoming projects in CPEC are integrating the Chinese language in Pakistan. With the launch of Chinese learning book and now dictionary, Pakistanis would soon have the benefit of another online encyclopedia for references.

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