ChinaSat offers Wateen Telecom with Ku-band satellite bandwidth for remote areas

Wateen Telecom partners ChinaSatcom

To provide end –to-end connectivity to the people living in the areas where it is difficult to deploy the fiber optic network, Wateen telecom is ready to offer its services.

Wateen will soon provide a variety of telecommunication services including GSM backhauling, high-speed Internet, news gathering, disaster recovery, and data connectivity in remote regions. The company has signed an agreement with the ChinaSatcom for satellite capacity lease of Wateen’s enterprise network of more than 300 sites.

Under this transponder agreement, ChinaSat will provide Wateen with Ku-band satellite bandwidth for Pakistan, as well as the neighbouring regions served by the ChinaSat Satellite CS-12.

The people living in the remote areas and who rely on satellite technology for communication will be able to benefit from this new offer.

Commenting on the development Wateen Telecom’s CEO, Rizwan Tiwana, said, “With ChinaSat capabilities we can easily meet the ever-evolving needs of a market which requires quality products on optimized models while increasing our customer base and expanding our enterprise.”   

Besides operating a 22,000 km fibre optic network across the country, Wateen Telecom provides satellite solutions and services in Pakistan, Africa, and Afghanistan.

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In addition to cellular backhaul over satellite, Wateen operates hundreds of data-links distributed over several DVB-S2 hubs and maintains a large pool of technical resources nationwide. This helps fulfill CMOs, banks, media broadcasting companies, and other SME’s daily connectivity requirements.

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