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Fortunately, Pakistan has been witnessing new players in the auto industry for a couple of years. Now, a Chinese company having expertise in manufacturing trucks and buses is all ready to set up an assembly plant near Lahore.

The commercial vehicles will be produced by King Long United Automotive Industry in partnership with Shine Autos where they will be initially building three types of vehicles i.e trucks, buses and mini trucks.

Reportedly the joint venture has prepared the paperwork and contacting concerned authorities of Pakistan to acquire permission to build their assembly plant on 100 acres of land near Lahore.

“This venture by King Long King United Automotive will bring an investment of almost $200 million,” official documents read. Thanks to the auto policy 2016-21, investors are pouring in the country sensing that Pakistan’s auto industry has much potential.

Master Motors and Karakoram Motors are already manufacturing heavy duty and light trucks in Pakistan while in the private vehicle segment, many companies are building their assembly plants like Renault and Hyundai. Both companies will not only tackle the higher engine capacity vehicles market but might also provide superior entry level cars.

With the introduction of new players in the auto market, Pakistanis will be able to get quality vehicles at competitive prices. Although the process is slow, it seems that things are changing in the auto world of Pakistan breaking the nexus and monopoly of existing players.

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