Chinese company to set up plant in Pakistan for producing cheap cars

Cheap Cars in Pakistan

China is already the all-time friend of our country, producing a lot of electronic products for Pakistan. Now, to supply cheap cars in Pakistan, a car manufacturing company in China has planned to establish a plant in our country.

As per details, JAC Motors, a Chinese state-owned automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer is busy in manufacturing ten different types of small and heavy vehicles. According to the company, some of these cars have the ability to run on the battery.

For creating this kind of cars, the company takes the assistance of the robots as well. After successfully producing the beautiful vehicles on the modern plants, this company is also developing the hybrid cars which will be introduced in the market very soon.

The said company has the plan for establishing a facility in Gwadar, Pakistan for producing the cheap cars in the country. The work has already been initiated on this project. According to the market analysts, Pakistan will prove to be a gigantic and important market for the selling of these cheap cars.

Presently, only three international vehicle brands are manufacturing their cars in Pakistan. Japan has a significant influence over Pakistani automotive market. Japanese vehicle manufacturing companies, Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki are leading the automotive industry in Pakistan.


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