Shifeng D101 electric car

The popularity of electric cars is gaining momentum not just around the world but also in Pakistan. Many automakers are working towards providing an electric car that would produce zero emissions and would be affordable as well.

We previously heard news about the entrance of Chinese companies in the auto market but now Shifeng, a Chinese automaker has introduced its electric car, Shifeng D101 in Pakistan.

Shifeng might not be a big name in the global car maker but in China, the company is working towards research and production of electric cars.

Shifeng D101 is the company’s five doors and Four seat hatchback model. On a single charge, the car will last more than 150 KM. It takes around 9 hours to charge the car from zero battery.

The top speed of the automobile is 80 KM/h. It also features power steering, central locking, electric rear hatch, heater and air conditioner.

Currently, 22 Shifeng D101 cars have been imported in Pakistan to see the market demand by looking at how many of them will be sold in the country. The electric car is priced at Rs. 750,000.

Previously, Super Power, a Pakistani company also revealed that they would introduce its electric car later this year.

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Ahmad Nawaz

The article is written or copy-pasted without proofreading.

wajid mehmood
wajid mehmood

where i can buy this car