Chinese power plant to reduce energy crisis in Pakistan

Bin Qasim Power Plant, Karachi

At the construction site of Bin Qasim power plant, a large number of Chinese and Pakistani workers are struggling hard to construct the 1320 MW coal-fired power project. The total number of the Chinese workers in this project is 1,500 while the number of Pakistani workers is 1,600.

The location of this project is 20km east of Karachi. It covers the area of 0.81 square km. 195-meter-tall chimney and two 162-meter-tall water cooling towers are also in place. This project received the funding from China. The project also includes a flat structure for loading and unloading the cargo ships.

The government has directed the authorities to complete the construction of this project by December 2017. The government has asked PowerChina, a Chinese construction company commissioned with the project, to lessen the construction time by 12 months.

According to this company, the construction is underway at a very fast speed, and if everything goes well, PowerChina will be able to complete the project before the deadline.

A manager at the PowerChina company stated that the construction of the power plant is almost completed. He said that his team would start placing the generator units and other important systems. The company would likely hire some more local workers.

Two 660-megawatt generator units will be installed, which would produce 1,320 megawatts of electricity per year, more than a quarter of the 4,500-5,000 megawatts of power shortage estimated for the year 2012.

Three more power plants like this and Pakistan would have no more energy woes

According to the manager, if three more such plants are established, the energy crisis in Pakistan would come to an end.

The energy sector in Pakistan has long relied on the oil and natural gas as fuel for its heat power plants, but coal-fired generators can produce more at lower costs.

Rawat, a 28-year-old Pakistani who works on the site said that his monthly salary is reaching 40,000 Pakistani Rupees, he is satisfied with this job.

Image Source: Dawn


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