Chinese giant Vivo ready to launch its smartphones in Pakistan

Vivo V5s coming in Pakistan
Vivo V5s Image

2017 is turning out to be the year of Chinese smartphones. After Oppo, Xiaomi and Tecno, this time, Vivo, another Chinese smartphone manufacturer is entering the Pakistani mobile phone market. A soft launch is expected on July 5th, sources confirmed.

The Chinese company will deliver its smartphones in the retail market for consumers, and an official ‘mega’ launch will follow in 3 months time.

If you have a lesser idea about the Vivo and what it does, then a brief intro would suffice. The brand started making smartphones in 2011, and now it is 3rd most popular mobile phone entity in China.

According to market research companies, it comes in the list of top 5 global ranking with 80 million unit sold in 2016.

People privy to the development have confirmed that Vivo will be introducing some 7 to 8 of its smartphones in the price range of Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 including the famous V5s that boasts 20 Megapixel Selfie camera. Of course the ‘s’ is for the selfie and the company name it Moonlight camera that we yet to practically see, why? If you are eager to see all their models, find here.

Just recently at MWC in China, Vivo has unveiled world’s first smartphone that has Under-the-Screen Fingerprint Scanner, a feature that Samsung and iPhone are still working on and Huawei ready to introduce with its upcoming P11.

Sources hint that Vivo would be the second company in Pakistan to adopt sale model similar to Oppo which sells its mobile phones directly to the retail shops along with providing huge margins to the sellers.

Working in more than ten overseas markets and having production bases in India and Indonesia as well, Vivo seemingly comes aggressive as far as marketing spend is concerned. Only in India, it has bought title rights for IPL for next five years for an enormous investment of $ 438 million. Besides, it is also committed with NBA and FIFA World Cup 2018.

The Indian and global sports footprint easily suggests that the Chinese player might get involved in similar partnerships with PSL and other avenues where QMobile and Oppo are already spending huge money.

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