Cielo Smart AC controller lets you monitor electricity bill via smartphone

Cielo-Smart AC controller device

People of Pakistan are facing the acute shortfall of electricity despite paying inflated electricity bills, and the government is trying to improve this remedy. Air Conditioners are large consumers of energy, and they consume a significant chunk of electricity bills.

Cielo WiGle Inc., a US-based smart home company, understands this issue and thus launched its Cielo-Smart AC controller for Pakistani market to lessen the burden of household consumers by delivering significant energy savings. Cielo has launched this AC through its local re-seller, YES Pvt Ltd.

The plug n play Cielo smart AC controller comes with powerful free apps for both Android and iPhone smartphones which enable the buyer to control their ACs efficiently from anywhere for lots of saving and convenience.

A single 1.5-ton air conditioner operating for 5 hours per day for one month results in consumption of 300 kWh. The electricity bill for the single month will be 300 x tariff (supposing PKR 17 per unit/kWh) = PKR 5,100. Pakistan electricity billing has multiple taxes, but air conditioner’s contribution is always higher whatever the tariff is. Cielo provides significant energy savings through its Smart AC controller which deflates not only the electricity bills but also provides comfort and convenience on the usage of Air conditioner.

Also ReadGree brings smart Viola Inverter AC with 60 percent less power consumption.

The situation demands rapid actions because the government wants to curb the use of ACs, the consumer trying to use it in next summer but wants to save in their bills with associated convenience and efficiency. The solution rests in technological innovations which empower the people efficiently to control their ACs and that too from anywhere in the world.

Cielo free mobile apps are loaded with features like real time usage statistics, setting of scheduled actions, programmable efficient use while you are asleep or away, control of unauthorized use and programmable recipes as per the user’s lifestyle. The good thing is that the apps are easy to use, and controls are unlimited.

Also ReadGeizer AC keeps your room cool for hours without the need for electricity.

Presently the smart AC controller is being offered in the form of pre-order through online retailing. The technological infrastructure of Pakistan along with the rampant use of communication technology necessitates all-out effort to use the technology for better efficiency and a greener environment. Solutions like Cielo smart AC controller needs appreciation and adoption so that we move forward towards a better, greener Pakistan.

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