Cinepax’s Pakistan Film Fund: an effort to support local filmmakers

Cinepax is planning to launch Pakistan Film Fund, which is meant to promote and support local filmmakers who are facing challenges in transforming their ideas into a final product.

Pakistan Film Fund will be Pakistan’s first professionally managed fund to invest in and promote the Pakistani film industry. With commitments of PKR 300,000,000/– the Pakistan Film Fund aims to provide professional value added capital to Pakistani films.

If someone is a talented/experienced filmmaker with a strong track record of making movies and are looking to finance the next big Pakistani super hit, Pakistan Film Fund will be interested in co-investing in their film.

“Pakistan Film Fund is a professional enterprise, looking to work with established and upcoming filmmakers in helping them bridge a film’s financing requirements. We believe we can help a filmmaker minimize his risks associated with film production and offer him/her incentives for the film to be financially successful.” Remarked Mr. Hashim Raza, CEO, Cinepax Cinemas.

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