Citizen Portal app registers complaints about public issues in KPK

Citizen Portal app KPK

Citizen Portal is an Android app, unveiled by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for instant registration of the complaints about the issues faced by people of the province. According to the Government of KPK, the app is a step forward towards organizing sensible governance in the region.

People started posting a bunch of complaints about daily life issues as soon as the app was launched. The Most of the issues were resolved.

A citizen posted that a famous bus service shop is overcharging its customers and is selling expired items in its stores. DC Team raided the store on receiving the complaint through Citizen Portal app and resolved the issue.

How to use KP Citizen Portal

KP Citizen’s Portal app is 19MB in size, designed and developed by the Performance Management Cell, Govt of KPK. The app starts with the tagline: “Making KP Government Responsive”.

Citizen Portal app Screenshoot


When you open the app for the very first time, It provides you with two options; “Login”, and “Register”. To use the app, a user has to become a registered member of the app by creating an account.

When you tap “Register” button, it asks a few details. The user needs to enter his name, a password, CNIC number, District, Mobile Number, and Email Address. A person without CNIC cannot register for this app. An SMS will be received on the mobile number provided. The user needs to enter this verification code in the app to complete the registration process.

There are some complaints from people that they were unable to receive the verification code on their mobile number.

After successful registration, you can use the app. A user can post Photos, Audio Recording, Video Recording, and the exact location where the problem exists (automatically detected by smartphone’s GPS). The complaint is then forwarded to the concerned department for right actions.

The app says if any user tried to upload illegal or irrelevant material, he would be criminally prosecuted.

There is also a “Message Box”, in which the user receives the status of his complaint. Users can also receive pop-up notifications when there is something new about their complaint or general communication from the Government.

The Government also posts the emergency announcements about any matter on Citizen’s Portal app. Public polling feature of this app is designed by the Government to get concerns and preferences of the citizens.


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