Social Media

“Big Brother is Watching You,” a popular maxim in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 is becoming highly relevant in today’s time.

In another attempt to curb the free speech, the Punjab government is reportedly creating a list of officers who have used social media to criticize the sitting government, reports City42.

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Online privacy is no doubt becoming a fictional concept as we are moving forward in the future but to target the people who object on any of the government’s actions is an alarming development.

The recent Panama Case has seemingly made the government a bit paranoid. People argue outcome of the case on social media religiously and some public officers have been observed doing the same.

Whatever may be the political situation of the country, there is no excuse to create a list of people who are exercising their right of free speech.

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The provincial ministers have given oral orders to their officers to refrain from posting any thing against the government on social media, which is highly unethical and is quite disturbing.

Social media is one of the driving force which with all its flaws has helped to keep Panama case alive among Pakistanis. In the last few years, people are opting for this platform to debate and discuss their opposing views, thus, regulating it would put a big question on the government’s claim of being “democratic.”


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