Commercial drivers Punjab License

Punjab Government is going to initiate schooling and training for the commercial vehicles drivers in the province in order to reduce traffic accidents. The government will issue clear directives to cancel the licenses of the commercial drivers who fail to appear for the training.

After the implementation of the new rule, commercial driving licenses will be issued in accordance with the international standards that emphasize academic training of the drivers.

Driving Licensing authority under traffic police issues the Light Transport Vehicle (LTV) and Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV) licenses in a conventional manner where the authority takes a practical driving test similar to the private vehicle driving license test.

The decision was taken in a special meeting chaired by Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan. “One of the main reason for the traffic accidents is the untrained drivers while the menace can only be resolved by providing them with proper academic and practical based training,” Mr. Aleem Khan asserted.

Although it’s a commendable step to tackle the disordered traffic, no details have been provided by the government regarding the establishment of driving schools in the province.

City traffic police is also on a serious campaign against the traffic violators especially the bike riders where they are issuing challans to those not wearing helmets. Moreover, traffic police has also warned the riders to comply with the new directives of installing side mirrors on the bike and apply for a valid driving license before the deadline.

It seems that the current government is taking the traffic issue seriously, however, there is a need to implement appropriate strategies, paying heed to the ground realities. Otherwise, we have seen many good policies resulting in failure due to the negligence of the governmental institutions.

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