Companies can now subscribe for IPO online to raise capital from market

Pakistanis can apply Online for IPO

Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited and 1link (Guarantee) Limited recently signed an agreement for Bill Payment System (BPS), as part of the Centralized eIPO System, at CDC House.

It is important to note that CDC recently introduced Centralized eIPO System (CES) under the guidance of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). eIPO is an efficient, easy and hassle-free mechanism that lets investors apply for the subscription of shares of companies, offered to general public.

The investors having a valid national identity card, bank accounts in scheduled banks and CDC accounts can electronically subscribe IPO on www(dot)cdceipo(dot)com. The eIPO system will help increase the outreach of IPOs, promote the culture of keeping securities in book-entry form and will make the IPO process more user-friendly and efficient.

Pakistan in the recent years has witnessed an increase in entrepreneurship and small companies. Recently, a MoU was also signed between PITB and PSX allowing startups to raise investments from the capital market.

The said Centralized eIPO System will be available for upcoming IPO of Ittefaq Iron Industries Limited. The Internet and Mobile banking and the Over the Counter (OTC) payment channel will soon become available for this IPO through a number of banks, the list of which is provided on the said website.

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