Pakistani political mobile games

Political mobile games are getting very popular among smartphone users these days. People love to enjoy playing the games which feature funny cartoons of individuals from the government of our nation. It’s a new kind of trend. You will find at least one political game in a smartphone of the young generation.

To make it easier and attractive for the public to show their anger on the government about tax, corruption, and other issues, local app developers have designed a lot of enjoyable games, targeted at the politicians of Pakistan.

Below, we have compared three most famous political mobile games accessible on the Google Play Store. You can also tell us which political game you like the best by hitting in the comment section below!

Gullu Butt

Gullu Butt is an action-filled entertainment game; it features very basic functions. When you open the game, it shows an image of a car and the Gullu Butt. When you tap anywhere on the screen,  Gullu Butt hits the car, and youGullu Butt game androidr score increases. The game does not feature any extra function. It is just 5MB in size and very easy to play. It works on all Android latest and old smartphones.

The layout of this game is not okay at all. Pictures of the car and Gullu Butt are featured in very less quality.

If you don’t know, Gullu Butt is the name of one of the vandals responsible for the violent nature of the altercation between police and Minhaj-ul-Quran workers in the 2014 Lahore clash.

Go Nawaz Go (Rush)

Go Nawaz Go (Rush) game is a work of Pakistani app developers and is designed just for fun. In this game, the user has to save the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from Imran Khan. Save the PM by jumping over the houses, tunnels, and whatever comes on the road.

Go Nawaz Go game

It is a musical game, with PTI anthems in the background. The layout is pretty good. The developers of this game claim that this game is not designed to hurt anyone’s feelings, but is just for passing the time.

The game got much popularity at the time of PTI Azadi dharna in Islamabad.

The 24MB game is available in the Google’s Play Store, so download it now and let us know what you think!

Najam ki Chirya

Najam ki Chirya is another political game that features a bird; the user has to guide this bird to collect “ParchiyaNajam Ki Chirya gamean” (gossips) about PTI chairman, Imran Khan and Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif. Collect as many gossips as you can to achieve the higher score.

The game reflects the bird about which Najam Sethi always talks about in his talk show. The cause of the popularity of his show is his “Chirya” (bird).

After you get bored with this game, read the jokes! Because this game comes with a lot of funny political jokes, which you will enjoy reading.

Our Verdict

All the three games mentioned above are the most downloaded political mobile games on the Play Store, but we like Najam ki Chirya the best because it comes with jokes too!

The interface of Najam ki Chirya is way better than the other two games. The music featured in this game is also good and enjoyable.



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