Competition Commission of Pakistan launched Urdu website to help general public

Competition Commission of Pakistan launched Urdu website

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has launched the Urdu version of its official website to facilitate the people of Pakistan. The Urdu website will increase its reach to a wider audience.

As Supreme Court had officially announced Urdu as the primary language for communication in almost every field in Pakistan, many popular brands and companies have also launched Urdu versions of their websites. The Urdu applications are also getting popular in the country.

Most of the big websites, such as the sites of news channels, telecom companies, now also offer Urdu versions of their websites, and even the promotional text messages from many telecom operators are also sent in our mother-tongue language.

Keeping all these things in view, CCP has also launched its Urdu website. The Urdu website will be very helpful for the stakeholders and the general public as it will provide information related to the enforcement, advocacy, and other activities in Urdu.

Moreover, CCP is also working on automation of its merger filing system to facilitate its stakeholders. The filing system for merger and acquisition, which will be launched soon, has been developed in line with the best international practices and will enable a more efficient operation besides making the procedure impartial and less prone to human error.

Furthermore, an Online Complaint Management System set up recently has facilitated the stakeholders in approaching CCP for complaint registration, thus providing a swift mechanism for complaint resolution.

In addition to the introduction of its Urdu website, the Competition Commission of Pakistan is also in the process of translating the Competition Act, 2010 into Urdu, which will be made available on the website soon.

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