COMSATS Internet services and INFOGISTIC to install telemedicine equipment in Punjab

Telemedicine in Punjab

For providing the healthcare services over the telephone to the patients, the COMSATS Internet services is in a process to install adequate IT equipment at primary health units of Punjab.

For the execution of this program, the COMSATS Internet services have joined hands with INFOGISTIC. This partnership will help both the organizations to start the telemedicine services at 50 standard health units in five districts of the province.

Some organizations in Punjab provide the necessary health facilities, but they are very costly. COMSATS and INFOGISTIC have agreed to serve the humanity and provide all the essential health services to the public through the use of IT services.

COMSATS and INFOGISTIC to Install Telemedicine in Punjab

Through telemedicine, one doctor would be able to provide the treatment to the patients at two different health centers at the same time. The doctors would be able to guide the patient over the video call.

In most of the developing countries, telemedicine is one of the fastest growing industry. And now, the doctors in Pakistan are also taking a keen interest in providing the treatment to their patients over Internet/mobile phone.

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The persons from the remote areas of Punjab would be able to get the same high-quality health services that are available to the patients in the urban areas only.

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