Pakistan Youth Hostels Association website

will develop the new website of Pakistan Youth Hostels Association, a deal has been agreed between the two organizations.

Pakistan Youth Hostels Association provides the advanced food and residential facilities at cheaper rates to the national and international students and tourists, the youth hostels are available in all the four provinces of the country and they are run according to the public-private partnership.

For the ease of tourists, a new website of Pakistan Youth Hostels Association will be developed and the people will be able to book the youth hostels from this online portal.

It is not the first time COMSATS is providing its services to an organization, the university also offers its services to DMD Max for the sharing of data center infrastructure. DMD-Max utilizes the data center facility of CIS for its technical operations in Pakistan.

COMSATS Internet Services (CIS) is providing the telemedicine services across Punjab by installing the adequate IT equipment at the primary health units in Punjab. CIS aims to stay as the excellent Internet facilities provider in the country regarding the quality of services and support.

It wants to spread the Wireless Broadband Services as this area is known to be the strength of the CIS.



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