connect smartphone to TV

High-end mobile phones and tablets are making our lives easier. In the era of 2016, almost every one of us has at least one smartphone. One of the main reasons for keeping this device is that it offers great entertainment to the users.

Many people don’t like to watch movies or play High-Definition games on the small screen of their smartphones. They require a larger display for watching their favourite movies and playing their desired games. That is why modern phones have an option of connecting to the TV.

If you want to stream the videos from your smartphone to your TV, you can easily do that by following these simple instructions:

You will need a Micro-HDMI cable for connecting your smartphone to your TV.  Connect one end of the cable to your phone and the other end to the HDMI port on your TV. As soon as you connect both the devices, whatever appearing on your phone will instantly appear on the TV screen.

Now, you can view the images, watch the videos, play the games, or do any other thing on your smartphone. Everything appearing on your phone will show up on the TV as well.

The experience of streaming the videos from the smartphone to the TV is awesome. Moreover, if you like to play a lot of games on your phone, you can easily enjoy your favourite games on the bigger screen, thanks to the HDMI technology.

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If your TV supports the Wi-Fi feature, you can also wirelessly connect your smartphone to your TV. To do this, enable the Wi-Fi on your phone and tap the Wi-Fi-direct option, from there select the name of your TV to connect.

Many companies have recently introduced the Smart TVs in Pakistan, which are very easy to connect to the smartphones.


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