Couch Potato a Mobile Application that can help run your errands

Don’t you ever feel like staying on the couch while someone else does your chores like picking up groceries, your dry cleaning or even deliver something to that one person who you really want to avoid? Well, the prayers of all the lazy folk (including me) have been answered by Couch Potato.

Couch Potato, a delivery app is all set to run your errands with its launch today in Pakistan. They have their motorbike riding crew or heroes as they would love to call them, who will provide home to home, shop to home and office to office package deliveries.

According to the delivery service, their riders will be available in under 15 minutes in most areas of Karachi and Islamabad. This option would really work for those who don’t want to spend their precious time in traffic just to run an errand.

Couch Potato will serve the household members, especially when you don’t have anyone at home to grab something from the market while you do something else. Salman Wasay, CEO of Couch Potato said:

“We want to empower the people of Pakistan to use their time more efficiently. With our app, we hope people can spend more time doing meaningful things, like being with family, and less time on a mundane day to day tasks that they aren’t required for. In addition, our service will benefit thousands of young aspiring entrepreneurs around the country to work as riders.”

How will it work

The basic concept behind the mobile application is similar to the cab hailing services like Careem or Uber but instead of coming to pick you up, they deliver something for you.

The mobile application connects the user with the rider app and is built as a peer to peer technology. The concept of riders is also similar to the ride-sharing services as they would also be freelancers. Just like the driver of Careem or Uber, they can earn money by riding a motorcycle in their free time.

Couch Potato claims that their delivery service will be unlike any other in the market. They aim to create a seamless experience from start to finish for their users. In order to achieve that goal, riders go through extensive and regular training to ensure a secure and comfortable service.

In today’s world, there is a mobile application for anything like boosting productivity, sharing business cards, traveling Lahore etc. Looking at this trend and at shared economy/ on-demand space, Couch Potato brings an ultimately new mobile app to “Do Nothing,” except for obviously finding a rider who can do your stuff.

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