Are you a biker and got a machine above 500cc engine capacity? Here is a good news for you, Islamabad High Court has lifted the ban and now allows such bikes to travel on motorway.

The development came after a petition was filed in the court by the members of bikers community of Pakistan. They argued that internationally high engine capacity bikes are allowed to travel on highways and motorways. Bikers communities in the country arrange touring trips to the north of Pakistan and gets stuck in the traffic jams on the National Highways, therefore the request was made.

The court has decided in favor of the bikers and now the motorcyclists are waiting for an official statement from the National Highways and Motorway Police (NH&MP).

Note here that as per the Motorway Ordinance 2000, there is no restriction whatsoever on the two wheelers to enter the motorway. However, the authorities have kept this ban due to security and safety issues.

Earlier in 2011, the ban was lifted and the riders having above 500cc motorcycles were allowed to enter the motorway but the decision was reverted back in 2014 without citing any reasons.

Speaking to PakWheels, a senior member of Lahore Bikers Club commented that they are not asking for a permission without any regulations. “We also want this to be on a safer side, the bikers should be given a motorway specific license after rigorous testing. We also want to follow specific SOPs regarding lane of the bikers, special safety gears and anything which the authorities feel is necessary,” exclaimed an enthusiastic biker in our office.