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Are mineral water companies in Pakistan paying the government and ultimately the public, for the resources they are using?

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar has taken a suo moto notice over the misuse of the water resources by the mineral water companies and asked the CEOs’ to appear in court at the Lahore Registry of the apex court tomorrow.

CJP told attorney general and all advocate generals to make sure that his orders reach to the mineral water companies while demanded the reports regarding how much they have paid against the water they use.

The question raised while CJP was visiting Karas Raj. He showed concern over the dried lake and expressed displeasure while referring to Best Buy Cement factory and others that they have to compensate for the loss of water.

Companies have installed turbines and fetching underground water almost free of cost. CJP inquired, “Are they even regulated?”

“Mineral water companies give govt. 25paisa per liter and sell it for 50 rs. a liter to the consumers”, a lawyer commented.

CJP remarked that water is like gold and oil so it’s very valuable for the nation, no one is allowed to exploit it. Court added, “mineral water companies are bottling our water and selling to us at a very expensive price.”

It is imminent now that he is very much active in the country after he initiated a dam fund, and asked the nation to donate so we can tackle the water crisis in Pakistan.

“Wear Joggers, and come out of your offices. This thing is not gonna solve out on its own by just doing desk works”, CJP demanded from the government officials.

A special committee to conserve the water is also in the pipeline as CJP has asked the experts to come forward and share their ideas on the issue. Supreme Court showed displeasure over Punjab officials for doing nothing to stop the water wastage.

A lot amount of water is being wasted in sewage, leakages, and due to the poor irrigation system. Lahore High court is also conducting an inquiry on the water wastage by WASA to clean the city roads.

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