CPEC to be Game Changer in Pakistan’s Economy

CPEC Game Changer in Pakistan's Economy

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is said to be a breath of fresh air for Pakistan’s economy. Many experts and high ranking officials have elaborated the significance of this project in bolstering the economy of Pakistan.

President of All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF), Ibrahim Qureshi believes that CPEC can prove to be a game changer for the region. All of our efforts must be aimed at making the project successful as we cannot afford this huge project to fall in trap of deterrent elements.

He also emphasized that stakeholders and experts must make attempts to disapprove prevailing fallacies about the CPEC, if any, because this project is, for sure, going to bring us opportunities and prosperity.

While advising to remain  cautious of the factors that may try to disrupt the CPEC, Ibrahim Qureshi said, “The call for frenzy must be avoided about every aspect of this economic corridor, every measure should be taken to make the project non-controversial.”

Highlighting the importance of the CPEC as a pact between Pakistan and China aimed at improving infrastructure and providing job opportunities to the Pakistani people, he further said,“Pakistan’s political leadership should display political intrepidity, diplomatic acumen and strategic thinking to make the project success.”

He stressed on the fact that CPEC was not only for multinational companies who are investing in project and benefiting from it, the major beneficiary of the project is going to be the Pakistani nation, that is why government authorities and concerned officials should make strategic planning to make the project successful so that the citizens can reap the maximum benefit.

What is CPEC

CPEC is basically an economic project that is aimed at making the Gawadar port and entire trade route within Pakistan (that has international importance) to be more functional. Project is a joint venture between China and Pakistan, former is investing  $46 billion in it. For China the economic corridor is an extension of One Road-One Belt program and it is included in its 13th five year plan. Upon completion, the resulting economic corridor is said to provide route for 70% of Asian trade.

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