North South Transport Network Pvt Ltd company is all set to launch bus service between Lahore and Kashgar, China today. The one-way journey will take 30 hours to complete providing breathtaking views of northern Pakistan en-route.

After the successful completion of trials on the route between China and Pakistan, now the company has decided to operate passenger bus service to furnish tourists, investors, and businesspeople of both countries further strengthening the CPEC objectives.

Speaking with More News, CEO of the North South Transport Network, Mr. Muhammad Anwar explained that the company prioritizes the passengers’ security and comfort above all while adding that the bus service will also further boost the friendly relations between Pakistan and China.

How to Book a Ticket and Pricing

The one-way ticket to Kashgar costs Rs. 13,000 while the two-way ticket is priced at Rs. 23,000 which is quite cheaper as compared to the airline fare. The bookings have already begun, and the company is providing free breakfast coupons for today’s departure.

Tickets can be booked online by visiting the company’s website or Facebook page while the payments will be received at the time of boarding the bus. Although the official website is currently down, Mr. Anwar said that online booking portal would be launched within the next two days.

Travel Itinerary

The bus will depart from Lahore, most probably at 12 pm. After picking up passengers from Islamabad, the bus will head to Mansehra where passengers can buy breakfast. En-route Karakoram highway, next stops will be Besham, Chelas, and then dinner at Gilgit. Crossing Sost, and then custom clearances at Khunjerab pass, the bus will drop off passengers at Kashgar (Tashkurgan county).

This itinerary is not final and subject to change.

Documents Requirement

“All details regarding the documents requirement, tickets availability, departure and arrival timings will be incorporated in the online portal, once launched,” said Mr. Anwar.

20 kg of baggage is allowed per passenger while the ticket price only includes the travel expenses. The procurement of visa and other amenities like meals and hotel stay will be the responsibility of the passengers themselves. However, the company vowed to provide as much assistance as possible regarding the hotels.

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